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Emerald Membership
Published on 19-08-2017



My Friends,

Today Emerald Membership 365 days Cost :

Only 42$ ;)


Best regards

Starter Membership
Published on 19-08-2017


I´m Glad,

Many members are purchasing items, and make small and medium deposits.

If things goes as Plan,

After 1 Sept.

All cashout´s will restart whith sucess!

Many thank´s to all!!

 -Starter Membership Enable to purchase.

- Only 2.50$ , 90 Days .

- 100% own Click

- 60% Ref Click

- 5$ Max Cashout

- 6 Days between cashout´s.

And all memberships are whith 20% discount.

Till day 1 September 2017.

This Month August and on this period is a great oportunity and the right time to upgrade and make deposits.

Deposit whith trust.We are  acumulating funds in our vault, whith deposits.

And After 1 september Cashout´s will be donne on 24 hours Max to all members.

After 1 Sept, all Memberships will rise his prices, and no more promos.



Best regards


Dimondclix Admin

Very Important Notices
Published on 31-07-2017


Dear  Members,

Very important Please Read ;

- we will stop cashout´s one full Month.

- All Pending payment will be refunded to main balance.

Cashout´s will restart at 1 of Setember 2017.

The Payment Processors avaiable for cashout after 01/09/2017 will be :



The reason of this decision is that we want make cashout´s to everyone and all members as equal.

On this Period of time, all Membership´s will have 20% discount.

And Retend referrals will have 30% Discount for extend 90 days.

All Members can belive on us and work everyday.

Because on the end all will have cashout´s enable, and profit whith us.


Hope all understand.


Dimondclix admin



Good News
Published on 29-05-2017



My friends,

Payeer was added !!

On Payeer, you can deposit by bitcoin,advcash,visa, and others ;)


Sign up here

High payeer deposits are being Made!!!


Thank you!


Best regards

How to upgrade using purchase balance
Published on 09-05-2017



There are two different aways to upgrade.


One is whith a direct deposit.

And the second is with purchase balance.

Whith a direct Deposit is more cheap.

Whith purchase balance, is a litle more expensive, bt whith some benificts.


To Upgrade your acount whith purchase balance,

the only think to do is :

Purchase a special pack, whith the upgrade of your desire and some benificts included :


click here to purchase a special pack


Best regards