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Advertiser offer
Published on 16-11-2017


Do you want advertise your site or link in 3 sites at the same time for a full month?

We offer a good deal.

We can make 3 ads at the same time on dimondclix/planetclix and universal4ads.

You will get a high number of hits and direct referrals.

Make a deposit of 80$ only and open a support ticket on advertiser offer department.


Best regards

Rented Referrals/ptc ads
Published on 16-11-2017


We need manage the rented referrals system very carefull.

Active rented referrals must have very good distribution.

So after today till we have a good rented referrals poll.

It only be possible rent referrals whith a small fee deposit of 3$ for each 100 rented referrals.


If you rent 50 to 100 Rented Referrals, you need make a 2$ fee deposit.

if you rent 100 - 200 rented Referrals, you need make a 3$ fee deposit.

If you rent 201 - 500 rented referrals, you need make a 5$ fee deposit.


The Deposit will stay in your purchase balance.Will not be cut after we unlock your rented referrals.

-> Standard Members need make a 2$ deposit only.

After you purchase the Rented Referrals from your rent board,and you make the fee deposit.

We will unlock the rented referrals to you.

If you not make the fee deposit, rented referrals will be on pending order for 20 days.

 This will help us manage better our pool.

Ptc Ads unlocked fast

 - In adiction, to we unlock ptc ads in 24 hours max,

Is required a 2$ fee deposit also.

Please note, that we have to many ads on the moment.


Best regards


Dimondclix admin







New Membership
Published on 03-11-2017



We ad a new membership,and remove some old ones.

Members, that purchase old memberships, can keep it.

The New Membership - ( ilimited) , is faced to Earn money and comissions from Direct Referrals.

- Direct Referrals are ilimited.

- For Each direct referral a member earn 10 points.

- 1000 points  = 1$,It means for each 100 Direct referrals 1$.

- The cashout Max is 10$ for now,(can be raised)

- This membership have 365 days and only cost 30$.


We hope that many members take this new membership,

And work whith us, to Grow stronger.


Have a nice day.


Dimondclix admin




Ads view page
Published on 29-10-2017


On ads view page, we ad a " admin ad"

Is need to clcik first on that ad to unlock all others.

This will benifict, advertisers,dimondclix and members also.

Will prevent cheaters,and will also give some income from mellowads.

click here to see better how it works : click here


Best regards


Dimondclix Admin

Important News on our forum
Published on 28-09-2017



Dear Members,

Please read our last forum anouncements.

-For helping on manage you rented referrals :

For each Dollar Deposit, one Rented referral will be added to your acount for free.


Best regards