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Bitcoin and Perfectmoney 50% deposit bonus!
Published on 20-01-2017


My Friends,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>  Deposits on bitcoin have 50% bonus  <

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>  Deposits on perfectmoney have 50% bonus <


CASHOUT´s To SolidTrustpay(as to be solidtrustpay username) NOT EMAIL.

Payment proff requires to next cashout.

Whatch your ROI before ask for cashout.

Micro ads are now whith 0.0004$ value base.

This action will stable dimondclix Even more.

We have a very good AVG.

So everyone will have profit acording whith membership ROI.


Best regards

Good Morning
Published on 11-01-2017



But for Those who Want invest Whith perfectmoney,

Still Get 20% bonus.

For Those who deposit on bitcoin,will have 50% bonus 

Best regards

Have a nice day ;)


Cashout´s day 8
Published on 07-01-2017


My Friends,

Here are some instructions to the Cashout´s after day 8.

SolidtrustPay ID ---> Solidtrustpay Username ( NOT EMAIL )

Perfectmoney ID ----> Starts whiht (U######)

Skrill And Neteller Cashout :

Chose a payment Processor you never use ,

like solidtrustpay for example.

Then on the ID Field --> ( Skrill - Your email )

Standard Members Not need To Deposit for 1º cashout.

But The Payment Processor Must be Verified.

Till Today at 00.00We still have 100% deposit Bonus for deposits 10$ up


Best regards

Skrill and Neteller
Published on 13-12-2016


My Friiends,

we have Neteller --------> [email protected]

Skrill-------------------> [email protected]

++++++++++++++++Instructions to add funds+++++++++++++++++++

Send manual funds to [email protected] with the folow note :

note : Add funds to acount (your username),

Then open a suport ticket.

Alow us 24 hours, to process the transaction.

Also payment can be requested by this two payments processors.

Best regards

Antecipation of Cristmas
Published on 09-12-2016


My Friends is time to do a upgrade Promo.

**************Antecipation of Cristmas***********************

All upgrades whith 20% discount till day 12/12/2106.

It ends at 00.00 server time.

Starter 5$--------->4.90$

Quartz 17.50$--->14.00$

Cristal 70$-------->56$

Emerald 100$----->80$

Sapphire 300$---->240$

Diamond 600$---->480$

**************It´s time to upgrade**************************

Regards, all the best my friends

Dimondclix Admin