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Simple Forum Rules

Started by denclu 2018-01-31 at 06:00
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Hello everyone, on behalf of the new Admin i will relay these Simple Forum Rules and Members' Guidelines. Please follow so we can have a nice community here.


1. Utmost respect towards any member to include the admin and staff.
2. No profanity, trolling, swearing, cursing, hating, slandering, racism and any kinds of threats.


1. Avoid using other languages other than English on main boards , so that the majority can understand. However, we have the All Languages Section in case you can't see your language forum you may request for it in the 'Feature Requests Section'.
2. Avoid duplicating topics.
3. Avoid advertising, recruiting, and making offers on posts.
4. Avoid making successive posts at the same time if you forgot something use your edit button.
5. Avoid off-topic replies, you can make a separate topic within the appropriate section in our forum.
6. Avoid quoting only someone's post and make it as a reply at least make a valid addition or concrete comment.
7. Avoid posting only smileys.
8. Avoid capslocking.
9. Avoid bumping of old topics.
10. Do not embed any link or web address on your payment proof image.

Avatars and Signatures

1. Avoid using offensive and/or too flashy images. No promotion on your avatar (e.g. other sites banners, embedded links).
2. You are allowed to set your signature, just one banner not larger than 468x60 px and/or one line text/anchor text.

Insertions will be made whenever it's necessary and violators will be dealt with accordingly.

Thank you for reading and happy talking.

DimondClix Team
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